1 Mayıs 2014 Perşembe

More Professional Look and Functionality with WPF Tolkit 2.1.0

I have updated Your Database with new features, eliminated lots of bugs and designed it to look more professional with new DataGrid for WPF included in WPF Toolkit. You can download this new version Here

27 Nisan 2014 Pazar

SQLite Local Database

To see the content of the video watching it 480p or higher is advised.
If you can not see any video then  probably Youtube  is forbidden in your country.
If so here is the video link : www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqnnPx-GJoc

         A basic application using SQLite .NET adapter. Unlike MySQL or MS SQL Server SQLite does not require any server to be run on target computer. You can use MS Local Database or Service-Based Database but SQLite is more reliable and flexible.

        For this project elementary knowladge of SQL (Language) and it's .NET adaptation is requiered.

You can download the application from Here. and actually use it. I, myself, use it to list tasks, create doto list, store project details in database and so on.

18 Nisan 2014 Cuma

Real Time Data Acquisition with C# via Serial Port

In this application we send 8bits of data through serial port to Arduino and control a DC Servo motor. In return we receive the voltage data from tachogenerator of the motor through serial port.  

In the graph plane, application plots the data of sent speed reference and received  tacho voltage.

Under the "Defined Signals" tab you can find triangle (ramp) input and rectangle (square if desired) signals to send.

Speed Reading App

This application is a Windows Forms Application which displays you words from a text file with a speed defined by user.

You can select the file you desire, but you need to choose a file encoded in UTF-8. If you are not sure you can simply copy the text and paste it into the window that appears after you click on "Create New Text"

You can adjust display speed.
This is how it looks in run time.

You can download the app Here

Button Bouncer

A tiny application to demonstrate abilities of System.Drawing Namespace. What this app does is simply animate a spring - mass system and plot the graph of distance from reference point. You can download the app Here .